Newport Coast, CA / 02.12.2016


Bluefin in Newport Beach actually used to be Zagat’s highest rated restaurant in Orange County, which I think is super weird considering there are places like Marche Moderne and Studio also in Orange County. It’s easy to write off Bluefin as just another sushi restaurant... Continue

Huntington Beach, CA / 01.20.2016

Sugar Shack Café

I was in Huntington Beach because my friend had a work conference thing and dragged me along. I had time to kill while she was busy being all adult-like so I decided to get some breakfast. And according to Yelp, if you’re in Huntington Beach... Continue

Huntington Beach, CA / 01.12.2016

Doppio Zero Pizzeria

The first thing I’ll say about Doppio Zero Pizzeria is they don’t have a public bathroom. How do I know this? Because I had to take a poop and the woman behind the counter directed me to the city restrooms down the street. City restrooms... Continue

Cupertino, CA / 01.07.2016

Philz Coffee

I challenge anybody to find a more delicious coffee drink (not espresso since they don’t do that) than Philz’ mint mojito, because I’d argue that it’s the best coffee drink in the world. I’ll admit it can be a bit inconsistent depending on what barista... Continue

San Diego, CA / 12.31.2015

Donut Bar

They’ve got a location in Costa Mesa, but Donut Bar’s San Diego location is the original and that means it’s the best. I believe they were ranked on somebody’s list of the top ten donut shops in the US, but I don’t remember the source... Continue

Redding, CA / 12.30.2015

Fat Daddy’s BBQ

We were driving back down to California from Portland and were looking for places to eat in Redding. There aren’t many options in the middle of nowhere, but Fat Daddy’s BBQ turned out to be a pretty decent choice. They recommended the half tri-tip/half pulled... Continue

San Diego, CA / 12.22.2015

Carnitas’ Snack Shack

When a restaurant has the word “shack” in its name, I’m never quite sure if it’s actually a shack. In the case of Carnitas Snack Shack in San Diego, it actually is a shack. Sort of. You line up and order at a sidewalk-facing shack,... Continue

Costa Mesa, CA / 12.16.2015

Taco Maria (Dinner Menu)

I’ve had Taco Maria‘s lunch menu a few times, but this was my first time getting their prix-fixe dinner menu. And that prix-fixe menu is your only option for dinner, so if you’re craving a taco you’re out of luck. It’s a strange transition considering... Continue

Portland, OR / 11.24.2015

Coava Coffee Roasters

Coava Coffee Roasters is a hipster’s dream. The space looks like a large workshop, with high ceilings and wood and steel everything. Plus their coffee is pretty good. I only say “pretty” because at one point while making a pourover coffee, the barista actually stopped... Continue

Portland, OR / 11.18.2015

Bunk Sandwiches

I heard Bunk Sandwiches has some of the best sandwiches in Portland, but they don’t start serving said sandwiches until the afternoon so I was left to order one of their breakfast offerings. This was actually from over a year ago, so I don’t remember... Continue