Melbourne, Australia / 03.16.2017

American Doughnut Kitchen

American Doughnut Kitchen is a donut stand operating out of Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Australia. They serve the donuts out of a 1950s era bus, though I’m not sure if they’re actually mobile or if they just park it there permanently. The donuts look... Continue

New South Wales, Australia / 11.16.2016

Flour And Stone

I hit up Flour and Stone based on a Travel + Leisure recommendation which also recommended ordering the lamington. Actually, every review I came across agreed they probably had the best lamingtons in Sydney and possibly Australia. Here’s the thing though: I don’t know what... Continue

Darlinghurst, Australia / 10.11.2016

Gelato Messina

Every city has their super popular gelato shop, and for Sydney it’s Gelato Messina. Their handmade gelato comes in dozens of flavors including poached figs in marsala, pear and rhubarb, dulce de leche, and coconut and lychee. I tried a few different flavors and they... Continue

Taipei, Taiwan / 05.10.2016

Fujin Tree 353 Cafe by Simple Kaffa

My cousin and I ended up at Fujin Tree 353 Cafe because we were looking for dessert after grabbing food at the cold noodle place down the street. My cousin said she had heard about the place from a friend. Or maybe she said her... Continue

Huntington Beach, CA / 03.07.2016

Snow Monster

The Snow Monster website claims they’re the first place to offer made-to-order macaron ice cream sandwiches. And while I can’t verify that claim, I can verify that there are now a hundred gazillion other places that do macaron ice cream sandwiches. And donut ice cream... Continue

Huntington Beach, CA / 03.03.2016

The Funnel House

I’ve never come across a churro I didn’t buy, so when I walked by The Funnel House in Huntington Beach and saw their giant sign that said “Authentic Handmade Churros” of course I got one. And after finishing it, all I have to say is... Continue

Huntington Beach, CA / 02.19.2016

Mangiamo Gelato Caffe

If you’re in Huntington Beach and you’re craving gelato, Mangiamo Gelato Caffe is apparently the place to get it. Don’t expect to have any sort of gelato revelations here though because it’s pretty standard stuff. And while people seem to love gelato, it’s all pretty... Continue

San Diego, CA / 12.31.2015

Donut Bar

They’ve got a location in Costa Mesa, but Donut Bar’s San Diego location is the original and that means it’s the best. I believe they were ranked on somebody’s list of the top ten donut shops in the US, but I don’t remember the source... Continue

Portland, OR / 11.09.2015

Blue Star Donuts

Everybody who visits Portland goes to Voodoo Doughnuts. I blame the Travel Channel and I blame travel guides, but mostly I blame people with bad taste. If you like overrated, go to Voodoo Doughnuts. If you like good, go to Blue Star Donuts. The best... Continue

Portland, OR / 10.22.2015

Salt & Straw

Every city has their super popular ice cream joint and Salt & Straw is Portland’s. It’s right down the street from Pine State Biscuits, so if you’re doing a food tour of Portland it’d be a good idea to do both at once. All ice... Continue