Fine Dining

Dana Point, CA / 10.15.2015

Stonehill Tavern

I needed a place to celebrate my girlfriend’s birthday and was looking at local McDonald’s, but after threat of violence I ended up deciding on Michael Mina’s Stonehill Tavern in the St. Regis Resort, Monarch Beach in Dana Point. And boy was I glad I... Continue

Los Angeles, CA / 09.17.2015

Trois Mec

Like all cool and hip places in Los Angeles, Trois Mec lacks a sign and would be impossible to find if you didn’t already know it was there (“there” being a repurposed Raffallo’s Pizza). Not that it would matter, because even if you walked in... Continue

Laguna Beach, CA / 05.28.2015

Studio Restaurant

Studio was built by The Montage Laguna Beach as a small Craftsman-style house atop a bluff with ridiculous views. I’ve maintained that they’re the best restaurant in Orange County and it’s because they’ve got the best food, but it might partially be because they’ve also... Continue

Cupertino, CA / 05.26.2015

Alexander’s Steakhouse

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Alexander’s Steakhouse is a fine dining interpretation of the classic American steakhouse with hints of Japanese influence laced into the menu. Yeah, I stole that from their own description but it sounds about right. They’re a super high-end... Continue

San Francisco, CA / 05.24.2015

Gary Danko

Gary Danko is probably San Francisco’s most famous fine dining restaurant. And instead of the usual tasting menu, Gary Danko gives you the option of three ($76), four ($94) or five ($111) prix-fixe courses, and the kicker is you get to choose your courses. If... Continue

Chicago, IL / 05.20.2015

Next Restaurant: el Bulli Menu

Before I get started I should explain how Next works. Started in 2011 by Grant Achatz (of Alinea), the concept behind Next is that instead of making reservations like you traditionally would, you purchase a ticket for a dining experience which changes seasonally. So instead... Continue

Girona, Spain / 04.27.2015

El Celler de Can Roca – Part 2

Part 1: Appetizers | Part 2: Main Courses Here’s Part 2 of my El Celler de Can Roca review. You can find Part 1 here if you want to see pictures of the interior or pictures of the exterior or pictures of the appetizers. And... Continue

Girona, Spain / 04.23.2015

El Celler de Can Roca – Part 1

Part 1: Appetizers | Part 2: Main Courses Like a bunch of other recent posts, this review is from four years ago and will mostly be me trying to remember what I ate. Pictures help, but they can only do so much. Also, I’ll be... Continue

Newport Coast, CA / 04.16.2015

Afternoon Tea at The Resort at Pelican Hill

I don’t care what anybody says, afternoon tea is awesome. When else can you drink unhealthy amounts of tea while downing little finger foods and sandwiches with the crust cut off? Tuesday, that’s when. Because that’s what I do every Tuesday in my living room.... Continue

Seattle, WA / 03.31.2015


The New York Times calls Canlis Seattle’s fanciest and most expensive restaurant. That sounds pretty accurate and is one of the primary reasons I made a reservation. Because I’m fancy, see? And rich. The restaurant itself is beautiful, with architecture combining modern and natural elements,... Continue