Fine Dining

Los Angeles, CA / 03.26.2015


I recently found out that Hatfield’s in Los Angeles had closed down, so I figured I’d stop procrastinating and get my (now posthumous) review from 2014 up. Located on Melrose down the street from the Mozza restaurants, Hatfield’s had been a staple of the Los... Continue

Oiartzun, Spain / 02.24.2015


Look at that. Another restaurant I went to back in 2011. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Who could possibly remember a restaurant they ate at four years ago?” The answer is nobody. Nobody could possibly remember. Which is probably why I don’t remember. Look, the... Continue

Atxondo, Spain / 11.25.2014

Asador Etxebarri

I ate here in 2011 so, like all my posts recently, this will mostly be an exercise in trying to remember what the heck I ate. Back in 2011, Anthony Bourdain put together his list of “13 Places to Eat Before You Die.” Included on... Continue

Santa Ana, CA / 09.29.2014

Playground 2.0 – Trust: Dinner Party

It’s hard to describe Playground 2.0 because Playground 2.0 is unlike anything else. I’ve detailed my love of The Playground in the past, so it should be no surprise that Playground 2.0 is also not sucky. They do a variety of events and the one... Continue

Chicago, IL / 09.04.2014


NOTE: I wrote this review over three years ago but never posted it. That’s not a typo, I’m just that slow. I’m pretty sure a visit to Alinea today is nothing like the experience I had three years ago, so take this review with a... Continue

Los Angeles, CA / 07.09.2014

Osteria Mozza

I’ve always been under the impression that Mario Batali was the best actual chef of those silly TV/celebrity chefs. Maybe it’s because he looks like a chef. Maybe it’s because I love Italian food. Or maybe it’s because the other chefs are basically cooking barefoot... Continue

Chicago, IL / 06.05.2012

The Aviary

Navigation: The Aviary / The Office We had originally planned on just drinking and snacking at The Office (The Aviary’s more exclusive basement speakeasy), but once we were there we decided to complete the experience (and our six hours of alcohol intake) by making a... Continue

Chicago, IL / 05.29.2012

The Office (at The Aviary)

Navigation: The Aviary / The Office Most people who are familiar with Grant Achatz’ conceptual bar/lounge The Aviary are also familiar with the smaller more exclusive room in the basement known as The Office. To gain access to The Office usually requires a persistent attitude... Continue