Zhōngshān Qū, Taiwan / 05.13.2016

My Kitchen (my灶)

The actual name of this place is my灶 but it translates to “My Kitchen” which is why I put it in the title. I don’t generally eat at these types of family restaurants when I travel because I’m typically traveling alone and not eating with... Continue

Taipei, Taiwan / 05.10.2016

Fujin Tree 353 Cafe by Simple Kaffa

My cousin and I ended up at Fujin Tree 353 Cafe because we were looking for dessert after grabbing food at the cold noodle place down the street. My cousin said she had heard about the place from a friend. Or maybe she said her... Continue

Taipei, Taiwan / 03.21.2016

Taipei Cold Noodles (戴記涼麵)

My cousin knows Taiwan, so when she told me this was the best place to get cold sesame noodles I figured I should probably come here and get cold sesame noodles. This place isn’t in the main touristy part of Taipei, so if you’re unfamiliar... Continue

Santa Monica, CA / 03.11.2016

Milo and Olive

I was at the Getty Villa and had worked up an appetite wandering around looking at statues of naked people so I looked up nearby places to eat and ended up at Milo and Olive in Santa Monica. They’re listed as a bakery but they’ve... Continue

Huntington Beach, CA / 03.07.2016

Snow Monster

The Snow Monster website claims they’re the first place to offer made-to-order macaron ice cream sandwiches. And while I can’t verify that claim, I can verify that there are now a hundred gazillion other places that do macaron ice cream sandwiches. And donut ice cream... Continue

Huntington Beach, CA / 03.03.2016

The Funnel House

I’ve never come across a churro I didn’t buy, so when I walked by The Funnel House in Huntington Beach and saw their giant sign that said “Authentic Handmade Churros” of course I got one. And after finishing it, all I have to say is... Continue

San Jose, CA / 03.01.2016


NOTE: I’m still playing catch up so this review is from months ago because I’m the world’s slowest (and probably worst) food blogger. BlueSea is an unassuming Vietnamese fusion restaurant located in a small San Jose shopping plaza. The inside reminds me of a bubble... Continue

Hong Kong, China / 02.24.2016

Tsui Wah Restaurant

NOTE: This is another post from years ago that I was too lazy to put up. But it’s up now in all its outdated and horrible glory. Tsui Wah is the quintessential Hong Kong cafe, so if you’ve ever been to a Hong Kong cafe... Continue

Huntington Beach, CA / 02.19.2016

Mangiamo Gelato Caffe

If you’re in Huntington Beach and you’re craving gelato, Mangiamo Gelato Caffe is apparently the place to get it. Don’t expect to have any sort of gelato revelations here though because it’s pretty standard stuff. And while people seem to love gelato, it’s all pretty... Continue

Huntington Beach, CA / 02.18.2016

North Shore Poke Co

If you’re unaware, the biggest food trend in SoCal right now is poke. It makes sense, since it’s basically sushi but easier and cheaper. Why pay for high quality sushi-grade fish when you can buy mediocre to horrible fish and just dress it up with... Continue