Casual Dining

Santa Ana, CA / 09.29.2014

Playground 2.0 – Trust: Dinner Party

It’s hard to describe Playground 2.0 because Playground 2.0 is unlike anything else. I’ve detailed my love of The Playground in the past, so it should be no surprise that Playground 2.0 is also not sucky. They do a variety of events and the one... Continue

Los Angeles, CA / 07.30.2014

25 Degrees

25 Degrees is a hamburger restaurant with three locations in the United States and one in Thailand, which is kind of strange but, hey, whatever, Bangkok is a rad place. They claim they’re named after the precise temperature difference between a raw and well-done hamburger,... Continue

Costa Mesa, CA / 07.16.2014

Taco Maria (Lunch Menu)

Located in Costa Mesa’s very own mini-Portland, The OC Mix, Taco Maria is the first brick and mortar restaurant of the food truck by the same name. I wasn’t a huge fan of the original food truck, but apparently I’m some sort of idiot because... Continue

Los Angeles, CA / 10.24.2013

Son of a Gun

I have no idea how or why they chose to name their restaurant Son of a Gun, but Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook have created a magnificent seafood version of their super popular Animal. Although something got lost in the translation and portion sizes here... Continue

Los Angeles, CA / 10.21.2013


I’ve wanted to try Ink ever since it opened back in 2011, but there was so much hype that getting a reservation within a reasonable time frame was borderline impossible. This might pose a problem for the average person, but I’m clever, see? I use... Continue

Newport Beach, CA / 10.08.2013

The Dock

First thing’s first: The Dock actually has a dock. As in the restaurant opens up to the water and if you happen to drive a boat (does one drive a boat?) instead of a car, you can actually pull right up to the rear of... Continue

Santa Ana, CA / 08.18.2013

Little Sparrow

Downtown Santa Ana has gone through a bit of a resurgence in recent years. What used to be a place you’d go to to get shot and stabbed is now a place you go to to grab a bite to eat (while you’re getting shot... Continue

Los Angeles, CA / 06.03.2013


I have absolutely no idea what AOC stands for, so I turned to the Internet for answers. Not only did I not find out what AOC stands for, but I learned that they’ve actually closed down and moved locations since I visited like half a... Continue

Avalon, CA / 05.31.2013

The Lobster Trap

I’m assuming there aren’t a lot of dining options when you leave the California coast and head to Catalina Island. You’ve got a handful of souvenir shops, some ice cream options, and then a bunch of touristy restaurants. Using the power of the Internet, we... Continue

Los Angeles, CA / 03.22.2013

Church & State

Hey, look, it’s an update. From me. On this website. Isn’t that amazing? You want to hear something even more amazing? I’m posting about a restaurant I went to over half a year ago. If you think I remember anything about this meal other than... Continue