Casual Dining

Hong Kong, China / 02.24.2016

Tsui Wah Restaurant

NOTE: This is another post from years ago that I was too lazy to put up. But it’s up now in all its outdated and horrible glory. Tsui Wah is the quintessential Hong Kong cafe, so if you’ve ever been to a Hong Kong cafe... Continue

Newport Coast, CA / 02.12.2016


Bluefin in Newport Beach actually used to be Zagat’s highest rated restaurant in Orange County, which I think is super weird considering there are places like Marche Moderne and Studio also in Orange County. It’s easy to write off Bluefin as just another sushi restaurant... Continue

Costa Mesa, CA / 12.16.2015

Taco Maria (Dinner Menu)

I’ve had Taco Maria‘s lunch menu a few times, but this was my first time getting their prix-fixe dinner menu. And that prix-fixe menu is your only option for dinner, so if you’re craving a taco you’re out of luck. It’s a strange transition considering... Continue

Big Sur, CA / 10.29.2015


There aren’t a lot of options to eat when you head to Big Sur. Nepenthe is by far the most popular place (it has over a thousand reviews on Yelp), but I suspect that’s more because of the view and not the food. The food... Continue

Portland, OR / 10.08.2015

Mother’s Bistro & Bar

I was looking for a brunch place in Portland and this one popped up all over my search meaning it’s popular. And by popular I mean if you come during normal dining hours you’ll probably be waiting for awhile. We came at an odd hour... Continue

Manhattan Beach, CA / 05.31.2015

Manhattan Beach Post

If you’ve ever needed a reason to visit Manhattan Beach, this is it. Sure, you can go to look at the ocean or whatever, but let’s be real, Manhattan Beach Post is clearly the best thing about Manhattan Beach. Chef David LeFevre is a Charlie... Continue

Coalinga, CA / 05.14.2015

Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant

If you’ve ever made the drive between Southern California and Northern California then you’ve passed through the block of stench that is Harris Ranch. The largest beef producer on the west coast, this place is responsible for 150,000,000 pounds of beef per year. Though judging... Continue

Los Angeles, CA / 04.14.2015

Bäco Mercat

I’m a bit late to the Bäco Mercat train, but better late than never, right? Wrong! What if you’re tied to the train tracks? Then better never than late, am I right? Of course I’m right. I’m always right. Anyway, Baco Mercat is located in... Continue

Hong Kong, China / 03.10.2015

Yung Kee

If you’re in Hong Kong and you ask somebody where to get roasted goose they’ll probably point you towards Yung Kee. It’s in all the guidebooks and for good reason: it’s delicious. It also has an insane wait time, which is typical of pretty much... Continue

Seattle, WA / 02.26.2015


Located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill, Chef Jerry Traunfeld’s Poppy has gained popularity with locals for being delicious as well as having a novel concept; that concept being a Thali platter of locally sourced New American food.  Don’t know what a Thali platter is? It’s like a bento box but... Continue