Darlinghurst, Australia / 10.11.2016

Gelato Messina

Every city has their super popular gelato shop, and for Sydney it’s Gelato Messina. Their handmade gelato comes in dozens of flavors including poached figs in marsala, pear and rhubarb, dulce de leche, and coconut and lychee. I tried a few different flavors and they... Continue

Woolloomooloo, Australia / 10.06.2016

Harry’s Café de Wheels

Harry’s Cafe de Wheels is a meat pie cart that’s considered a Sydney icon and a local institution, even being included on the New South Wales National Trust register. They’re known for their Australian meat pies; most notably their Harry’s Tiger Pie, which is their... Continue

Surry Hills, Australia / 10.03.2016

Single Origin Roasters

There were an insane number of good coffee shops in Sydney, but Single Origin Roasters in Surry Hills was probably my favorite. It wasn’t just that the coffee and food were as fantastic as the atmosphere, it was– oh, wait, no, that’s exactly what it... Continue

Surry Hills, Australia / 09.28.2016

Bourke Street Bakery

Bourke Street Bakery is probably the most popular bakery in Sydney and, coincidentally, they’re located on Bourke St. What are the odds? Their most popular items are the pork and fennel sausage roll and the ginger creme brulee tart so you should probably order one... Continue

Sydney, Australia / 07.28.2016

Encasa Deli

I was looking for something quick and delicious while trekking towards Circular Quay and this place was pretty highly reviewed on Foursquare. Fun fact: “quay” is pronounced “key”. I didn’t know that, and assumed it was pronounced quay. You know, like the way it’s spelled.... Continue

Taipei, Taiwan / 07.26.2016

Fu Hang Dou Jiang (阜杭豆漿)

If you’ve ever been to Taipei you’re probably familiar with Fu Hang Dou Jiang (阜杭豆漿). They’re pretty much the most popular breakfast joint in Taiwan and every travel guide you come across will mention them. Come at any reasonable breakfast time and you’ll be in... Continue

Surry Hills, Australia / 07.14.2016

Reuben Hills Coffee Roastery & Cafe

Reuben Hills Coffee Roastery & Cafe was the first meal I had after touching down in Sydney. It was still too early for me to check in so I walked over from the subway with all my gear. I found the place via a Travel... Continue

Taipei, Taiwan / 05.17.2016

After Station Goose Shop (後驛鵝肉店)

I stuck “後驛鵝肉店” into Google translate and it told me this place is called “After Station Goose Shop” in English. I don’t know how accurate that is because I don’t even know what that means, but this place is known for goose so at least... Continue

Zhōngshān Qū, Taiwan / 05.13.2016

My Kitchen (my灶)

The actual name of this place is my灶 but it translates to “My Kitchen” which is why I put it in the title. I don’t generally eat at these types of family restaurants when I travel because I’m typically traveling alone and not eating with... Continue

Taipei, Taiwan / 05.10.2016

Fujin Tree 353 Cafe by Simple Kaffa

My cousin and I ended up at Fujin Tree 353 Cafe because we were looking for dessert after grabbing food at the cold noodle place down the street. My cousin said she had heard about the place from a friend. Or maybe she said her... Continue