Coffee & Tea

Melbourne, Australia / 11.28.2016

The League of Honest Coffee

Honestly, I don’t remember a lot about The League of Honest Coffee. I spent my time in Melbourne googling the best coffee shops in the city, and this happened to be on the list. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), Melbourne... Continue

Surry Hills, Australia / 07.14.2016

Reuben Hills Coffee Roastery & Cafe

Reuben Hills Coffee Roastery & Cafe was the first meal I had after touching down in Sydney. It was still too early for me to check in so I walked over from the subway with all my gear. I found the place via a Travel... Continue

Taipei, Taiwan / 05.10.2016

Fujin Tree 353 Cafe by Simple Kaffa

My cousin and I ended up at Fujin Tree 353 Cafe because we were looking for dessert after grabbing food at the cold noodle place down the street. My cousin said she had heard about the place from a friend. Or maybe she said her... Continue

Cupertino, CA / 01.07.2016

Philz Coffee

I challenge anybody to find a more delicious coffee drink (not espresso since they don’t do that) than Philz’ mint mojito, because I’d argue that it’s the best coffee drink in the world. I’ll admit it can be a bit inconsistent depending on what barista... Continue

Portland, OR / 11.24.2015

Coava Coffee Roasters

Coava Coffee Roasters is a hipster’s dream. The space looks like a large workshop, with high ceilings and wood and steel everything. Plus their coffee is pretty good. I only say “pretty” because at one point while making a pourover coffee, the barista actually stopped... Continue

Portland, OR / 11.01.2015

Dutch Bros.

I suspect everybody who works at Dutch Bros. is high. And to be completely clear, I mean on drugs. Like they did drugs either during or right before they went to work. The employees were all laughing hysterically the entire time we were there. Which... Continue

Portland, OR / 10.12.2015


It was a million degrees in Portland so we decided to jump into Barista for some much needed AC. A cabbie also said this was her favorite coffee shop so I decided to compare it to Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Verdict: all coffee tastes the same.... Continue

Portland, OR / 10.09.2015

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland is arguably the most popular independent coffee roaster in the nation. And it’s one of those rare places that manages to be incredibly huge and successful, yet still command the respect and cult following that tiny local shops do. Though... Continue

Newport Coast, CA / 04.16.2015

Afternoon Tea at The Resort at Pelican Hill

I don’t care what anybody says, afternoon tea is awesome. When else can you drink unhealthy amounts of tea while downing little finger foods and sandwiches with the crust cut off? Tuesday, that’s when. Because that’s what I do every Tuesday in my living room.... Continue

Los Angeles, CA / 04.06.2015

Verve Coffee Roasters

Verve Coffee Roasters is a trendy coffee shop located in downtown Los Angeles. Parking is horrible, but that can be said about everywhere in Los Angeles. What can’t be said about everywhere in Los Angeles is that they’ve got a magnificent space. And that’s where... Continue