La Creperie Café


Al Mare $13.95 (Jumbo shrimp, sundried & plum tomatoes, wild mushrooms, red onions, & mozzarella cheese in a lobster basil cream sauce)

I'm not gonna lie, these are probably the best crepes I've ever had. I haven't actually been to that many creperies before, but I'm not sure how much better they could get. I guess you could dip them in foie gras and give away a free puppy with every order, but otherwise I'm not sure. Maybe stuff a steak and whole lobster into one? And then, I dunno, pour a pile of cocaine on top?


Cafe Frappe (Greek iced coffee drink)


French Onion Soup


Parisian $10.95 (Chicken breast, fresh spinach, sweet red peppers, & mozzarella cheese in a basil & feta cream sauce)


Crepe Carbonara $11.95 (Chicken breast, smoked bacon, & mozzarella cheese in a creamy garlic & parmesan cheese cream sauce topped with pesto)


Napoleon $8.95 (Fresh strawberries, creme brulee custard, & a crispy brulee crust) - Exactly as promised: a crepe that tastes like creme brûlée. It even has the caramelized top so you have the dichotomy (ooh big word!) of the crispy top and chewy crepe. It's like my eyes see one thing and my mouth tastes another. Magical!


Royale $7.95 (First served in the casinos at Monte Carlo, the Royale is known for its fresh strawberries & nutella filling)




La Creperie Café
4911 E 2nd St
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 434-8499